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Hi, I’m

Creselda “SED” Agtong

A dedicated SEO enthusiast based in the Philippines, with a strong desire to assist businesses like yours in thriving in the digital realm. My ambition is to evolve into a trusted SEO expert who can help elevate your online presence.

Imagine the possibilities

Your website soaring up the search engine rankings, attracting more visitors, and transforming them into loyal customers.

I’m here to tell you that it’s attainable, and I’m unwaveringly committed to making it a reality for you.

Together, we can accomplish your online aspirations with the growing expertise of an SEO specialist in the Philippines.

Services to Improve Your Business

Site Audit

As an SEO specialist, I perform a thorough website analysis, pinpointing issues that hinder the site’s performance in search engines and provides actionable recommendations to improve its overall health and user experience.

Keyword Research

I conduct in-depth keyword research to uncover phrases and terms that your target audience is searching for. This service helps optimize content and strategies to ensure that the website ranks prominently for relevant search queries, increasing organic traffic.

On Page SEO

I make sure each page on your website is set up to show up well in search engines. This involves tweaking things like titles, headings, and content to make sure they match what people are searching for online, helping your website perform better in search results.

Off Page SEO

I work on building your website’s reputation and popularity outside of your own web pages. This means getting other reputable websites to link to yours, sharing your content on social media, and engaging with your audience to boost your website’s credibility and visibility in search engines.

Tools and Technologies I Use

As an SEO specialist, I leverage state-of-the-art tools and technology to unearth opportunities that can enhance your website’s presence in search results.

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